One of the most daunting tasks to a PhD candidate is the preparation and editing of their dissertation.  We help clients with this overwhelming process.  With a thorough understanding of the medical field we provide clients with a coherent document that is both structurally and grammatically refined to perfection.

Scientific Manuscripts 

We are all aware that even beyond excellent research, scientific manuscripts must be written and edited with special care to increase their chances of acceptance.  Crossing your T’s and dotting your I’s is critical at this stage of the process, as are “flow” and clarity in readability.   With degrees in biochemistry and molecular biology, our knowledge base is perfect for your editorial needs.

Academic Writings

Dr. Enemy Leight, Director of Bioscience Advising, has personally authored over 35 peer-reviewed basic and translational research publications, and has also served on NIH study sections and as a reviewer for numerous biomedical research journals.  Due to this experience, we can confidently say your academic writings are in good hands.  

Bioscience Advising provides PhD-qualified editorial services specializing in nearly all subdisciplines of the biomedical sciences.

While we primarily consult internationally with Principal Investigators and Senior Scientists, we also provide services to Research Fellows, Post-Docs, PhD students, and laypersons.

Our extensive experience in  grant application and manuscript writing includes epigenetics, cancer biology, molecular biology, signal transduction, pharmacology, cell biology, endocrinology, phase I/II clinical trials, and biotechnology.

We will write, edit, vet, and critique your research to make sure your grant application “stands out among the pack.”​

Areas of Expertise 

We have experience in a vast number of biomedical and health-research disciplines. We understand what it takes to get your articles published and proposals funded.

The range of our bioscience expertise is particularly suited to developing, auditing, and submitting research communications to scholarly periodicals and grant-funding agencies.


With more than 13 years of experience, both in “hands-on” laboratory research and compiling biomedical research for publication, Bioscience Advising is well equipped with in-depth knowledge and academic understanding of the following bioscience topics:

  • Epigenetics 
  • Cancer Biology
  • Molecular Biology
  • Signal Transduction
  • Pharmacology
  • Cell Biology
  • Endocrinology 
  • Biotechnology
  • Oncology
  • Metabolomics
  • Immunology

While these areas represent our core areas of competency, we are capable of advising manuscript preparation and editing on almost any biomedical research communication or request for funding. We will intimately work with you to ensure your research is presented logically, accurately, typographically, and passes a robust review process.

More About Us

Bioscience Advising is a biomedical research and grant development consultancy based in the  Detroit, Michigan area. We  offer professional proofreading and editing services for all academic disciplines. With over 10 years of experience of dissertation editing, grant writing services, editing research manuscripts, and scientific editing services, we have now assisted over 30 clients in successfully publishing articles and securing  research grant funding from various government and philanthropic agencies.

We realize how important it is to have proper  editing, including word limitation, writing for general and distinct audiences, and enhancing readability. Even with outstanding research, academic editing alone can make or break your grant or manuscript. Proper  editing can pay huge dividends to your academic or business career, which makes ours a valuable service to consider. Please call us for a free consultation.

We also offer science proofreading for scientific research journal submissions and academic papers (e.g., dissertations). Did you know that the quality of writing is a major determining factor in awarding research grants? This is why writing and editing services are essential in today’s highly competitive world of research grants. According to leading scientific grant boards, many proposals are rejected due to an unreasonable number of mechanical defects that may be interpreted to reflect carelessness and the applicant’s inattention to detail.  The risk that the same attitude might extend to execution of the proposed study may not be acceptable to  reviewers. This is why the importance of intensive writing, editing, and proofreading cannot be emphasized enough.


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